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Article provided by: Fine Paints of Europe

Oil Exterior Undercoat

Oil Exterior Undercoat

Great paint is all you need to change the outlook of a building. Professional painters, homeowners, the design, and architectural community have been using our high-quality paint for over 27 years. Fine Paints of Europe is reputable for unique shades of coating, brushes, and other application tools that you might need for your painting project. Our certified painters have years of painting experience; they strive to deliver beautiful and durable painting results.

Which Primers and Undercoats Do We Have?

Our high-performance oil exterior undercoat is effective for stain blocking. Additionally, our high-build oil primer can be used for both interior and exterior surfaces. You can leave your surfaces unpainted for up to twelve months after using our oil primer. Other than being used on wood and plastic surfaces, our primer can also be used on previously painted wallboards and masonry surfaces. Our oil/primer/undercoat is available in various custom tinted colors, 10,000 FPE colors, and white.

Do We Have Certified Painters?

For the best painting results, we recommend our highly-certified painters to our clients. Our painters have extensive knowledge of our coatings, and thus you should expect quality and professional work from them. Our trained painters will offer you competitive rates after assessing your project.

At Fine Paints of Europe, we have a certified painting contractor program that aims to provide our customers with experienced painters. Our painters have specialized in paint application, and thus we will recommend them to you with confidence.

Our Brushes and Tools

We proudly supply our customers with a wide collection of brushes, finishing tools, applicators, moisture meters, and paint removal systems. Our Omega brushes have natural bristles that will help you achieve the full potential of both the oil exterior undercoat and the painting.

It is essential to know the amount of moisture in a surface before painting. Our moisture meters are suitable to be used effectively by both homeowners and professionals to obtain accurate moisture levels before exterior painting is done.

Get Our Color Guide and Tools

Not sure what oil exterior undercoat to use on your surfaces? Our staff is conversant with colors and can help you settle on what suits your surfaces the best. We will give you personal and professional painting advice regardless of the size of the order you place with us. Our dedicated staff will guide you on the right colors, primer, brushes, and other application tools that you will need to ensure you achieve the best painting results.

Looking for Quality Paint Products and Services?

Fine Paints of Europe products are only sold by reputable independent retailers that you can trust. Do not worry if no independent retailers are dealing with our products near your location. You can always order our products through the phone or online.  We will provide you with painting guidance whether you buy your products from the retailers or us.

Get quality and professional painting products and services from the best. At Fine Paints of Europe, we know exactly what you need to make your surfaces appealing. Call us now on 800-332-1556 to get our remarkable products and services.

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